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09 February 2012

Hiking: Thunderbird Park

Cierra and I hiked at Thunderbird Park today. I think the high temperature was about 77 today, the hike was very warm.

[Click on photo for a larger image]

Thunderbird Park is not my favorite place to hike. I think because it's surrounded by views of the city, and that's what I like to get away from when I hike.

See, this is what it really looks like, houses everywhere. I parked off of 67th Ave near where it says Patrick Ranch, and hiked the West end of the park.

2.8 miles.

I stood here and looked at the trails marked on the map, but I didn't retain too much of the information.

I found a little humor in "dogs and cats only". I have never seen a hiking cat.

Early in the hike we had to stop and shed some layers, it was warm.

It's flat now, but we're going up.

There was a noisy pair here, probably protecting their territory or their nest.
I don't know my birds very well, but I think this is a Gilded Flicker. AKA, a woodpecker.

My what rosy red cheeks you have.

My what a sharp beak you have.

My what lovely polkadots you have.

My house is w-a-y over there. The largest mountain just right of center is Westwing Mountain.

Views of the trail.

Cierra and her extra large chunk of concrete.

Pretty flowers.

I try to find unique places for my little poser to pose, this didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped for.

Views from the trail.

The most unique hiking buddy I've seen yet: an African Grey. He (or she) was very happy, talking and whistling.

I emptied my Camelbak today so that I could take it outside and shake out the dust and debris that were living in it.

What I carry is by no means comprehensive for all hikers, there's no first aid kit. Don't be like me.

There are a few items I carry not pictured: my ID, my revolver, my bandana, my dogs leash (that we rarely use but I carry to make you feel better) and sometimes my handheld (ham) radio. If my cell phone has no signal, my radio has a satellite.

Lastly, some humor.
"If life gives you melons you may be dyslexic"
I'm dyslexic. Not the kind you think of with letters and words, it's different. I'll spare you of the boring details.
I've heard a few dyslexic jokes, this might be the best one yet.

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