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11 February 2012

Hiking: Lake Pleasant

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So much to explore. I love topo maps.

Park Docent, Frank, led the hike. The first portion of the hike was a 2 mile out and back along Pipeline Canyon Trail. The second portion of the hike was along the burro trails in Cottonwood Wash. For a total of 3.82 miles.

A beautiful day at Lake Pleasant.

Love the wispy clouds.

Docent, Frank, talking about what to expect along Pipeline Canyon Trail.

Views from the trail.

There are two sets of ears in this photo, can you see them?

Well camouflaged wild burros.

Trailside show and tell.

View of the trail. A lot of "burro biscuits".

Wild burros.

Wild burros.

When I'm hiking with my dog, I'm never sure how close the wild burros will let me get before they turn and walk away. Today the wild burros were kind to me.

Wild burros.

Views of Lake Pleasant. The first portion of the hike is over.

Most of the group left after the first portion of the hike, so Frank took the remaining two of us for a hike in Cottonwood Wash using the burro trails.

Views near Cottonwood Wash.

Views near Cottonwood Wash.

Frank said this was a stagecoach road at one time.

Love my desert. It's dry though, I don't anticipate a good wildflower season.

Frank has a lot of knowledge about the local plants and animals and things. And, a love for sharing his knowledge.


Frank brought us down the rock crevice.

Views near Cottonwood Wash.

While the humans were talking, Cierra decided to lay down in the green grass.

"What? Are you done talking yet?".

Very nice hike, thank you Frank =)

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