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20 October 2011

Is It Really Fall?

The calendar says October, but the thermometer outside still says Summer with 100 degree days.
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Neko relaxing with her puppy. (Neko suckles on her own belly, I suppose it's like having a thumb sucker, she only does this for a few seconds then she lays down to sleep).

Suki loves to play with Cierra's dog toys.

Suki looks like she has conquered the dog toy.

My happy girl.

Suki, enjoying the evening outside.


This is one of my favorite photos from the evening, I like her whiskers.

Suki, grass stalking.

Suki, relaxing.

My pretty girl.

Cierra was photobombed by her kitten, Neko.

Neko, bird watching.

My pretty kitties.

I'm taking Suki in to a Spay-Neuter Clinic in the morning. Neko was spayed as a feral kitten in the TNR program when she was about four weeks old, that's why her ear is tipped.

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