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31 October 2011

Happy Halloweenie

Happy Halloweenie from each of us at 27255. We passed out nearly 8 pounds of Hershey's chocolate, we hope that'll keep everyone fat and happy =D
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I don't name my photographs, but if I did, this might be titled "whiskers in the sunlight" or maybe "sunlit whiskers".

Cierra, watching Suki stroll back and forth.

Neko has been missing for a few days. We miss her terribly, and have tried all the usual avenues for lost pets. Since she's been gone, Suki has been much more attentive to Cierra.

Suki, stalking the bugs in the yard.

Mr. Moon in the daylight.

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Anonymous said...

:( i'm sorry to hear about Neko! I love the pic of the moon.