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28 October 2011


I've never carved a pumpkin for Halloween. I was at Target where all the uniformly sized pumpkins were $4.00 each. I sent a text to My Honey asking "pumpkin?". His reply was "two".
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A daily visit to the hummingbird feeder by the Cactus Wren. Which has nothing to do with pumpkin carving, moving on...

My Honey, working in his pumpkin.

And then it was my turn. I don't like putting my hands in slimy things. This was a challenge. But it was my pumpkin to carve, my slime.

Mostly clean.

My one-eyed pumpkin.

Two eyes.

The mouth didn't go as planned, but it's ok.

Cierra with her two new orange friends.

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Joanne Casey said...

Nice work! I hate pumpkin brains on my hands too, so used a spoon :-)