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06 March 2011

Ride: Canyon Lake

We gathered a dozen friends and went for a ride to Canyon Lake. It was a beautiful day, and so nice to see my friends who ride. Thank you for sharing your day with us.

[Click on photos to see them enlarged]

We may, or may not, have run out of gas.

My Honey, ready to ride.

Me, laughing at something stupid.

I have a small collection of butterflies, this is one of them.

Thank you for rescuing us Mikey, you truly have a heart of gold and are one of the most loyal friends I have ever known.

On our way: Jim, Gary & Julie, Mark, Mikey and I see Dave's red helmet.

Lovely mountains out this way.

Gary, "Bad Ride".

Dale and friends.

More fantastic mountain views.

Jim, Gary & Julie, Dale, and there's Dave's red helmet again.

Lovely scenery.

Headed up the twisty mountain road: Gary, Dale, Dave, Eric and Herb (nice to meet you Herb, you fit right in with us nuts).

Canyon Lake.

Mark, Dale and the lake.

We're almost there... then it's time to eat!

Getting closer to the bridges.

Ahead is the slowest Corvette driver, ever.

One of Canyon Lake's steel bridges.

Crossing the bridge.

I think somewhere along here Mikey was scolding us for screwing around :)

Almost everyone in one shot. There were 10 bikes, 12 of us.

Gary & Julie.

This is what happens when PJ starts weaving and I'm trying to take pictures :)

Canyon Lake - lunchtime!

Lakeside Restaurant & Cantina, the food and the service here were great. Thank you.

Mark. He's been riding with us from the beginning, four years ago. Although we hadn't seen him for a long time, "Hi Mark!".

Ready to eat.

Nothing like having your picture taken when you're simply not ready for it.

Joe and Mark. Mark, you don't scare me with that look, I know you're a big teddy bear.

Mar 8, 2011, I received the following photos from Dale, most of them taken by Julie. Thank you both :)

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Anonymous said...

It was great seeing all of you again. Too bad we cant do it more often. Great folks. Never stopped smiling the whole day.

Be safe all. See ya soon.