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30 November 2010

Flashback To Old Photos

I've been scanning old photos so that I'll have a digital copy for back-up. Naturally, I have to share...

My step-monsters, Glenn and Alexa. Summer 2002, in League City, TX. Glenn really had blue hair, when he'd go out skateboarding or play baseball the sweat would roll down his face in the color blue.

Alexa, with a fish she caught, Summer 2002 in League City, TX.

My Doberman, Gallagher. RIP buddy, I miss you.

PJ, Arlene, Me, and Eric. The first and only "Fluff Swap 2006" in December 2006. There were two rides that day, we each rode once with PJ and then Eric.

Arlene is no longer "fender fluff", she rides her own bike now. I am happy riding with PJ, I get to sit back there and enjoy the ride, take pictures, and daydream.

James, 8 years old in Houston, TX.

My dad, Frank Morris; James (age 8) & me at Moody Gardens Aquarium, Galveston Island, TX. January 2001.

James (Superman) with his friend Joshua (Buzz Lightyear), Halloween, 1996.

My mom, 1980-something with "Chance".

My mom with "Chance". Chance was the first of several white Arabians. My mom has taken in many horses for their retirement years. As small as my mom is, each of the horses respects her as if she were 10 feet tall.

Me in New Orleans, December 2002.

The house I grew up in, 2133 W. Poinsettia Dr., Phoenix, AZ.

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