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09 October 2010

Telluride Colorado

I have a few random photos. We're leaving Telluride and we'll be working in Big Bear, California for a while. Then we'll return to Telluride. Cierra is having a great time traveling. She is a very happy girl.

"Dog sits on cow"

In the hills above the airport are hundreds of sheep.

Cierra said "sheep?". City dog has never seen sheep.

When the sheep moved to the pastures along the forest access road, we made a beeline for it.


Cierra decided that:
1) Sheep have a natural fear of dogs.
2) Sheep have noisy bells around their neck and make silly bleating noises.
3) Sheep aren't very smart.
4) Sheep smell bad.
5) The sheepherders puppy was far more interesting than the flock of hundreds of bleating, smelly sheep.
6) Now that she's seen sheep, she can cross that off her "bucket list".

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