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08 October 2010

Telluride Colorado

Some of these photos are similar to the ones I posted yesterday but the area we're flying in and out of is so pretty.

PJ and Jon at an 11,500' elevation.

Each day we see a little more snow.

Bill's heli-dog, Anne-Brown.

Colorado mountains.

A practice instrument approach in to KTEX (Telluride).

Near the center of the photo is KTEX.

On the ground, Cierra hops in and sits with the bags. She thinks this is her helicopter. Among other things, she is a heli-dog.

Views of the mountains from KTEX.

More mountain views from KTEX.

PS - 10 days until my birthday. Yes, I am counting down the days :)

PPS - We're leaving Colorado and will spend some time working in California. We'll return to Colorado soon. Happy travels. :)

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