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26 October 2010

Telluride Colorado, Random Shots From My Day

One of the views from our condo.

Window-dog loves people watching.

De-icing the helicopter.

See? She's icy. The crew that works at the airport cleared most of the airport grounds of ice and snow, but we had our own personal ice skating rink at our corner of the airport.

She was cold and cranky. We got some assistance from the KTEX GPU (ground power unit).

Using the 16x zoom, I was watching the construction crew on the other side of the airport.



Walking in Telluride I ask Cierra to model in various places for me. She's a very willing subject.

The window of a parking garage.

Icicles. They don't have these where I grew up.


There is a "stuffie" in the Bobcat. Cierra wanted to bring it with her, but we left it there.

Picnic table dog.

Big rock dog.

Views from Telluride.

Getting ready for the afternoon flight. Our former ice skating rink is mostly melted.

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