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27 October 2010

Telluride Colorado, Flying High In The Sky

Today I flew with the crew, the sights from the air are beautiful. Mountains, snow, trees, blue skies, accompanied by very nice weather.

On the flight back to KTEX (Telluride) we saw a Wolf running along a ridgeline. We circled around for photos or video but lost him. After doing some reading about the Gray Wolf in Colorado, they believe the wolf is gone from Colorado. Without a doubt, we saw a Wolf today.

Leaving KTEX (Telluride).

South of Telluride.

San Juan Mountain Range, flying towards Calico Peak.

Snow :)


At the LZ, facing Calico Peak.

Views from the LZ, it was such a beautiful day.

"Mister Moon, Mister Moon,

You're out too soon;
The sun is still in the sky.

Go back to bed and cover up your head,

And wait till the day goes by!"

Me at the LZ, Calico Peak is behind me.

The boys using the kiddie shovels to slide in the snow.

The boys using the kiddie shovels to slide in the snow.

Part of the crew getting ready to relocate to a different LZ.

The rotor wash kicks up a lot of snow, PJ's up in the snow cloud.

PJ in N350SB.

The crew, talking about their plans for the day.

Flying North to KTEX (Telluride).

Lizard Head.

My Honey

PJ & Laura

Getting closer to KTEX (Telluride).

A hydroelectric plant built in 1907. Bridal Veil Falls.

Bridal Veil's two waterfalls. A stunning sight.

Near Bridal Veil Falls, a frozen waterfall.

Downtown Telluride. These six toddlers were tethered together, it was so cute.

P & L at Brown Dog Pizza.

PJ & Cierra walking downtown Telluride. Telluride is a dog-friendly town, so there is a lot to see and sniff while walking.

Sights in Telluride. I like the icicles.

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