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15 December 2009

Sunny Bunnies

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There are bunnies concealed all over my mom's property. Because it's cold outside, they seek the sunny spots. What you can't see is their cute little bunny noses in motion, very cute.

Another concealed bunny.
They're hard to get close to with a point 'n shoot camera.

Cracker sporting his winter blanket. He's very helpful with taking the blanket off, or putting it back on, he dips his head like the perfect gentleman.


Ike. His winter coat has a red hue to it.

Doc, sleepy in the sunshine.

Olive and Doc.

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http://meinemischlingshuendin.blogspot.com said...

Guten Morgen Laura,

was für ganz tolle Bilder von Dir, es sind wunderschöne Bilder von den Pferden und der Landschaft dazu,

liebe Grüsse aus Speyer von Hanna