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03 November 2009

Dog Bling

Last Sunday, we took Charge and Cierra to Scottsdale so that Charge and his adoptable friends could be seen, felt, rubbed, hugged, kissed and loved by all.

I think the adoption inquiries for Charge went well.

"Dude, there are double zeros on the back of your shirt, is that your IQ or your shoe size?!"
*hee, hee, hee, snicker, snicker...*

Cierra modeling a blingy dog necklace. This kind-of reminded me of New Orleans, without the frontal nudity.

Cierra, window shopping while waiting for the fashion show to begin.

Charge, getting some love.

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http://meinemischlingshuendin.blogspot.com said...

Ihre Website gefällt mir sehr gut, die ganze Natur bei Ihnen, und die Liebe zu Ihrem Hund, es ist sehr schön das anzuschauen, ich liebe auch die Hunde und ich habe eine liebe Hündin, liebe Grüsse aus Speyer am Rhein von Hanna Bretzke