“Know yourself. Be yourself. Love yourself. Seek goodness and be goodness. Seek beauty and be beauty. Seek love and be love.” ― Bryant McGill, Voice of Reason

26 October 2009

Horse Care Boot Camp, Day 17 & Home

I spent most of the day with my mom, we ran errands, we went shopping, we both got a hair cut. I know for most mother/daughter duos, this is normal, but for us this is new. While at CostCo we stopped for a bite to eat, we each got the bargain slice of pizza with a coke. As my mom ate her slice of pizza, she very carefully nibbled toward the crust and I said "Mom, you have a smiley face on your pizza". It had pepperoni eyes, a sausage nose, and it smiled. She said "I know, it was there the whole time." We had a good laugh, it was a memorable moment.

I came home this evening. It's nice to see my Honey, my dog, my own home, and tonight I'll sleep in my own bed. I have a ton of laundry, and my houseplants were so thirsty they were begging for mercy.

I have been reading the book by Jack London titled "White Fang".

I wanted to share these two paragraphs, it takes place when the gray wolf pup takes his first steps out of the cave he was born in. It may be a story about wolves, but I believe these two paragraphs summarize how humans handle fear as well.

"A great fear came upon him. This was more of the terrible unknown. He crouched down on the lip of the cave and gazed out on the world. He was very much afraid. Because it was unknown, it was hostile to him. Therefore the hair stood up on end along his back and his lips wrinkled weakly in an attempt at a ferocious and intimidating snarl. Out of his puniness and fright he challenged and menaced the whole wide world.

Nothing happened. He continued to gaze, and in his interest he forgot to snarl. Also, he forgot to be afraid. For the time, fear had been routed by growth, while growth had assumed the guise of curiosity. He began to notice near objects - an open portion of the stream that flashed in the sun, the blasted pine tree that stood at the base of the slope, and the slope itself, that ran right up to him and ceased two feet beneath the lip of the cave on which he crouched. "

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Hanna Bretzke said...

Ich finde Deine Erzählungen richtig interessant und gut zu lesen.
Es ist eine schöne Landschaft, die man sich immer wieder gerne anschauen kann.