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08 October 2018

Hiking And Being Humble Enough To Ask For Guidance

My new rescue, and my forever girl, I'm keeping her.  Her name is Kei.  Her car harness is on the way.
Happy hiker, Jeep, Phinn and Kei.  We hiked Madera Canyon's Elephant Head Trail.

Me with Kei.
A view of Elephant Head from the trail. 
Berries, I'm not sure what these are called.
We've had some rain, and everything is green and pretty.
Pretty little flowers.
We finally have cooler weather under 100 F degrees.
Happy hiker.
Me with Kei.
A view of Elephant Head.
Me with Kei and Phinn. 

Happy hiker, happy dogs, and a view of Elephant Head.
So, I wandered off trail, and turned around to go back to the trail.  I couldn't find it :(
Taking pictures of pretty things while wandering in the desert.

Wandering in the general direction that should take us back to where the Jeep is parked.  
Looking West to the setting sun. 
All glowing in the light from the setting sun. 
Me, Kei and Phinn.  Mt. Wrightson is behind me, its peak is 9.456' elevation.
Fluffy butt walking in the grass.  Can you see the trail?  I can't either.
As the sun began to set, we knew generally which way our vehicle was parked but didn't feel confident about being off-trail.  We decided to ask for guidance down the mountain and called 911.
We followed instructions and stayed where we were.  In the night sky, is an airplane that circled above us in communication with the local Sheriff Deputies.
One of these Deputies hiked off-trail, directly uphill, about 1-1/2 miles to where we were and walked down with us.  I have some daytime emergency items in my pack, but no flashlight.  I'm adding a flashlight to my pack and investing in a PLB (personal locator beacon).  While this event was minor, I hike with my dog(s) alone a lot, this was a wake-up call to do things a little differently.

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