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26 November 2017

Life Via My iPhone Pictures

Thinking of my Boca Bear.
Like Boca, Liam thinks all empty containers are his to clean.
Ginger and her Lambchop stuffie.
Where is your microchip today?
Liam's microchip is at his right shoulder.  I don't know if it migrated there, or was placed there by the shelter.
My dad.
A bean bag my son passed on to me, is now a favorite of the dogs.
For Liam's first birthday, I held a one mile dog walk.  These are some of his friends.
Liam's first birthday, one mile dog walk.
Liam's first birthday, one mile dog walk. 
Phinn, Liam, Rincon (Vizsla) and Tippet (Vizsla).
Our friend Steve likes to come and visit with the dogs.
Liam with Archie, Buster and Phinn. 
Liam's first birthday, October 20, 2017.
My friend Tom.
Photo credit: Chris Minnick
My mom, touring a local Arabian horse ranch. 
Jenn with some of her Tribe.
Liam, Ginger, Phinn and Tippet. 
My son with his girl.
The best way to begin each morning: coffee and dogs.
Liam loves the sunroof. 
Liam with Gasteau.  
Liam with Gasteau.
My mom bottle fed Gasteau when I found him as a three week old kitten, alone, in the bushes.  He is now safe with a local veterinary clinic.  
Starfish flowers. 
Cow Palace (restaurant) in Amado, AZ.
Liam's fur-friends, Ziko and Kolbie.
A horned lizard we found on our walk. 
This is one of my favorite dog photos.
Liam with Rudy.
Thank you to Rudy for the short time he shared with us, for showing Liam compassion for elders.  Rudy crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge within minutes of me meeting his owners as they returned from vacation.
The queen of everything is drooling.
Now safe with his original rescuerer, Jill.
Jenn with the youngest two Tribe members.

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