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26 June 2015

Hiking: Madera Canyon, Nature Trail

There are various places to begin hiking on the Nature Trail.  We started in the middle, hiking up in elevation for a while, then backtracked down to where there's still some water in the creek.
Yes, I see his line is clipped on the wrong ring, I fixed it.
Oops, Hera drags her leash and is stuck. 
I'm shopping for a new drag line, no handles or loops to get caught.  But, I have to say, this Mountainsmith leash has been tough being dragged around in the dirt and water.
After some trial and error I've found the cotton (horse) lunge line works best for Boca and Hera drags her leash. 
I like this tree.
Getting cooled off.
Eating grass.
Boca is listening intently to something.
Nice flowers and background - bad photo.
Our last stop in the water.
Lowest elevation: 4604', highest elevation 4902'.  Elevation gain: 298', cumulative EG 473'.
The areas that look like a rats nest are where we stopped to play in the water.
The big picture. 
Hike: 1.8 miles.  104 F degrees. 
YTD: 31.9 miles.

Boca & Hera at Madera Canyon. from Hundewanderer on Vimeo.

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