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13 April 2015

All Good Things Are Wild And Free

Cierra's death was a tragic accident, and a preventable one. It's my job to keep my dogs safe and I failed to do that for her.

Cierra drown in a swimming pool.

Cierra could swim. She was a strong swimmer that had spent time in many different rivers and lakes. She had never been in this swimming pool. I will never really know what happened. In my grief I spent many hours staring in to the water. I believe Cierra was bumped in to the water by one of her dog friends. It was an accident.

If you have a dog and a swimming pool, it doesn't matter how your dog got in to the water, by choice or by accident, make sure your dog knows how to calmly swim the perimeter of the pool, find the steps and be able to safely step out of the water. I didn't do this with Cierra and I will regret it for the rest of my life.

Cierra and most of the pack were outside while I vacuumed the house. The door was open. Boca, my blind German Shepherd, was inside with me. It was less than five minutes. She was likely in the water for just a few minutes, but it was too late. I pulled her from the water and laid her by the side of the pool. I saw her body heave its last breath of air. I watched the water and blood pour from her mouth. I saw the light fade from her eyes. I couldn't save her. I wept over her body and stroked her wet fur. Her daddy and I have been separated a short time. He was nearby and was able to say goodbye to her.

Although it was unintentional, the pack (Boca, Zane and Hera) got to see and smell Cierra before she was taken to the veterinarians office. I fully believe they understood their pack member and matriarch, was gone. Cierra's cremains have been returned to me. One day, I'll find the right time and place to spread her ashes.

Cierra hiked many miles with me, and traveled the nation with me as a helicopter fueling partner. We fostered and adopted Cierra at the age of four years. She was my first German Shepherd. Cierra was aging, at 11 years I thought she had another year or two. She was taken too soon. I grieve the loss of my girl very, very deeply.

Cierra was my companion, my hiking buddy, she loved her kitty, she was a friend to everyone she met, matriarch to many dogs, the neighbor boys loved her so much they'd come to the door and ask "can Cierra come out and play?", a rescued German Shepherd who had a good life but a life cut short.
I love you Cierra and I miss you.
Aug 26, 2003 - Mar 27, 2015

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Kasia said...

This date will be with us forever Sunshine... Is it coincidence that I've lost my grandma today? Im sad but Im happy at the same time. She passed peacefully being surrounded by family. Lots of love to you. I can only imagine how much you miss Cierra...