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08 December 2014

Hiking: Lake Pleasant, Beardsley Trail

A few nights ago, there was a ring around the moon. 
Today's hike: the newly completed Beardsley Trail at Lake Pleasant. 
See?  The trail is shiny and new.  
Small cave, no one seemed to be home. 
The trail building crew. 
My hiking buddy Frank with the trail building crew. 
A birds nest in a saguaro arm.  Normally these are up high, but... 
...this saguaro had many low arms.
Wild burro was far, far away. 
A look inside the saguaro. 
Looking down on Morgan City Wash. 
The line of green and yellow trees in the distance is Morgan City Wash.  
Looking down. 
Looking back at the trail. 
Packrat's nest. 
I found a heart shaped rock, took a picture of it, and set it down. 
I walked a while and decided I wanted the heart shaped rock,
On my way back, I lost Frank, somewhere off trail.
I found my heart shaped rock and decided to leave it here. 
About two miles in to the trail, great scenery and a few nice switchbacks.
Looking down on Morgan City Wash.  
A new, clean, sign (aka: no bullet holes yet). 
Nature finds a way to make trash look good.
Gathering small rocks, including a small heart shaped rock. 
Layers of trash in a wash.  I think this trash is from the 50's and 60's. 
From the trash pile. 
From the trash pile. 
From the trash pile.  10oz glass bottles. 
Morgan City Wash. 
The only lizard that let me take his picture today. 
The trail is an out and back trail; rather than 4 miles back, we opted to walk 3 miles along the road.
Back at the Jeep (thank goodness). 
7 miles (8 had we returned on the same trail we came out on).
YTD: 112.5 miles. 

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