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01 September 2014

Daily Dog

Zane and Riley. 
Genghis using Cierra as a leg prop. 
Getting Rexx accustomed to all kinds of touchy feelies.  
Rexx.  Muzzle free on day two. 
Rexx, Riley and Kobe.
Rexx and Hachi. 
Hachi and Zane.
Zane.  You can see why I had to adopt this clown. 
Relaxed Rexx. 
Rexx thinks he's a lap dog. 
Good night boys - Boca and Zane. 
Riley has gone home.  His momma is focused and determined to keep Riley on track.  We miss you Riley. 
At the dog park. 
Hachi has gone home.  His humans are doing great work with him and we miss him. 
Pack life.
Something is afoot here. 
Zane and Rexx. 

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Katie said...

I like the photos with PJ ! It's a pity there will be no more pics with Hachi but good for him to be with family :-)