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15 August 2014

Dog Park Days

A hug for Hachi.  The laundry fairy needs to fold the towels in the background. 
Genghis looking for breakfast. 
The redheads - Ariel and Hachi. 
Boca seems to have control of the TV remotes. 
On our way to the dog park: Hera (in the kennel), Hachi, Riley and Zane.
"Mooovvveee Zaaannneee, I want to see the pony!"  -Hachi
Zane, Riley, Hachi and a great dane.
Hera loves the dog park!  She loves to run with the dogs although she doesn't want any humans touching her. 
Zane and Hera. 
Hera helping Zane eat my apple core. 
Gentle giants at the dog park. 
I think this is a dog we've nicknamed "bubbles", because his mom brings bubbles for him to chase.  His brother, who looks very similar, also visits the dog park. 
Snuggle pups - Zane and Hachi. 
Neighborhood clouds. 
Shhh, class is in session.  Hachi with his humans. 
Dog park Rottweiler. 
Hachi's momma working on some distance and duration with Hachi's down-stay.

Dog Park from Olive on Vimeo.

Dog Park Small vs Large from Olive on Vimeo.

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