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03 July 2014

Goodbye Elvis + Daily Dog

Zane's Malinois heaven, sitting in my lap. 
Genghis with the empty ice cream container. 
Jager napping with Boca. 
Hera, Elvis and Jager. 
Elvis (Malinois) and Boca.  It's interesting to see which dogs gravitate to which.
Hera tangled up with Zane. 
It's 110 every day, so there's a lot of relaxing inside the house this week.  Boca, Deegan, Cierra and Genghis. 
Zane and Jager (standing), Elvis and Cierra (laying). 
Genghis, Boca, Cierra and Elvis. 
Zane and Jager. 
Elvis and Boca. 
Desk guardians: Genghis, Boca and Zane. 
Boca and Elvis. 
Ariel at the rescue house. 
Good night Mal's.  Zane and Elvis. 
Coming soon: Sophia.  She is a rescue from CA, said to be aggressive.  We can't wait to meet her and have her join our pack.
Hera, helping clean out an empty dog food bag.
Ariel and Elvis are human shopping today. 
Me with Elvis and Ariel. 
Elvis meeting his new Mal sister, Zoe. 
Elvis meeting his new German Shepherd big brother. 
Ariel saying hello and getting some love. 
Elvis' new big brother and adoptive mom. 
Hanging out in the SPR-AZ rescue house kitchen. 
I will miss you Elvis, you're a good boy. 
Elvis with his new humans. 
Ariel and Lady, former arch enemies, getting along better now. 
Clouds!  Bring us some rain please. 
Clouds on our drive home. 

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