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03 June 2014

Daily Dog

Zane and Hera with Jager = tennis ball envy.
Jager and the toy tire, she's the only one that likes the tire.  
Zane sleeping "in" the cat bed.
Hera and the cat bed.
Genghis (foster) and Cierra (my 10 year old girl will turn 11 this summer!). 
Deegan (foster), is just a day or two away from ending his 30-day round of antibiotics.  He started to show signs of feeling better last week.  Plastic water jugs are his favorite thing.  
PJ is Deegan's other favorite thing. 
Zane, Cierra, Hera and Boca.
Monsters under my desk: Hera and Zane.
The elders: Cierra and Boca.
Zane and Deegan. 
Deegan in my coffee table. 
Hera and Zane.  Or: "P-U, what's that smell?"
Genghis (foster).  This large male is going to be an excellent companion with just a little obedience work.  
A little manners go a long way, right Genghis? 
PJ with SPR-AZ's Ariel.  I'd like to bring her home and do some work with her, she's a good girl.  
Boca and Genghis.  Or: "get off my paws, dude."
Zane and Deegan. 
Zane and Deegan. 

Hera and her Dr Pepper can. from Hundewanderer on Vimeo.

Deegan and Hera from Hundewanderer on Vimeo.

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