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13 June 2014

Daily Dog (and my Mommy)

Rudi and friends.  
Rudi is an amazing puppy, he's SO HAPPY, and very much undeserving of the 'human aggressive' title he was erroneously given.  
Hera, on my lap, hurray! 
My old girl and her old frisbee.  Cierra will be 11 in August.  Her much loved frisbee will be 6.  They no longer make these frisbees, otherwise I would have bought her a new one.  
My boys, Zane and Boca.
Pretty flowers at Costco. 
Big score!  Eight horse saddle pads for $20.  We use these inside the dog kennels and around the house.  Plus, they smell good, horsey smells.  
Thanks Mom.  You're welcome Zane. 
My mommy helping with the kids at summer camp at Horses Help.  
A doggie puzzle.  (L-R): Hera, Boca, Zane & Deegan. 
Zane's happy face.  
Genghis' tippy head. 
Rudi and Boca.
Genghis with Cierra and Deegan. 
Cierra and Deegan. 
Deegan sleeping on his favorite thing.  

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