“Know yourself. Be yourself. Love yourself. Seek goodness and be goodness. Seek beauty and be beauty. Seek love and be love.” ― Bryant McGill, Voice of Reason

01 May 2014

Random Stuff From 27255

From my friend Katie in the UK.  
I received a big box of love from my friend Katie in the UK!  
Zane and Deegan, because two heads are better than one.
Boca and I out for a walk in our neighborhood.  
Cierra has a long history of eating things she's not supposed to eat.  She had a rough night of not feeling well.
Hera and Cierra. 
No spatial boundaries.  Zane and Boca.
Good night Boca. 
Boca helping me wash dishes. 
Deegan and Hera.  
Hera with her carrot.  
Boca and his pink stuffie. 
Deegan and Hera.
Hera.  This is her "I want the toy you have" face, and she'll get it.  
Hera bullying Zane for the toy he has.
Hera and Zane.

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