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23 March 2014

Little Bit of Everything

Hera.  All the dogs love the pink stuffie.
Hera's first carrot.
I wish dogs could tell me their life story.  I don't know if Hera was abused or a feral puppy.  She has trust and fear issues.  And when she's frightened, she reverts to very primal behavior.  I also wish she could tell me what kind of dog she is.
Cierra and I sharing the morning sunshine.
Zane, Boca and Hera's happy tail. 
I had dinner with a friend.  They had fire.  
Hera and Cierra. 
Papa Bear and Baby Bear.
Radishes are the only thing I've successfully grown in my first attempt at gardening. 
Boca.  He looks so sweet, yet he's very powerful and strong.  He's an amazing dog.
Boca is almost as long as my bathroom is wide.  
Mr. Moon. 
Boca using Zane as a pillow.  Zane doesn't care, he's busy chewing on his ball.
I wish Boca could tell me his life story.  He does, in some ways with his old habits and his bad dreams.  Yet the more time he spends with me, the more the old fades away.
Zane basking in the morning sunshine.
Zane yawning in the morning sunshine.
Zane and his spit bubbles in the morning sunshine.  I've heard the Malinois is "special" and now I believe they are, this dog his squirrels in his brain.  

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Katie said...

Hera and Cierra photo: Hera reminds me soooo much this little Harry Potter creature Dobby :-)