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09 March 2014

I Need A Tiara

"Let me show you something Boca..."
"...when I make a puppy dog face, like this, she'll do anything I want her to do!"
"You're not really falling for that, are you Mom?" - Boca
New dog toys.  The JW red ball was the favorite, but isn't going to last long.  The Kong blue ring, and JW green/white thing are good toys and lasting so far.  The Kong Quest (one blue and one green) are not holding up to Boca's massive bite.  The Chuckit frisbee is put away when we're not playing fetch.  
The pack favorite is the cow horns.  I let the pack have them intermittently.  
The horns are a favorite for chewing, but small pieces splinter off.  
Good night Boca.
Hera with Jager.  Hera has a dog toy, Jager has a rock.
Meeting Jax.  Jax spent the day with us.
When a new dog comes in, they meet one by one.  A good butt sniff is mandatory and they have to behave. 
Deegan and Jax.
Jax and Zane - matching tails.
Happy Hera!
Deegan, Jager, Jax and Zane, waiting for me to throw the ball.
"Throw the ball!"
Good night Shepherds. 
Connect the Shepherds: Jager, Zane and Cierra.
Deegan and Zane.
Zane using Jager as a pillow.  Zane is the most touchy-feely dog I've ever lived with.

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