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13 February 2014

Hiking: Lake Pleasant, Petroglyphs and Wild Burros

I had such a lovely day.  It was about 85 degrees today.  While it's very dry and wildflowers are rare, there are other treasures in the desert: birds, burros, lizards, butterflies, bees and more.  With scenic views, rocks and petroglyphs, I was a happy hiker today.  
We could go this way, through the wash...
...or that way, along the road.  We opted for the wash.
 I spy... 
...honey bee's! 
The petroglyphs are carved deep in to the rock.
A heart.
A lovely place for a snack, with a vast view of the desert and the wash below.
This rock, and many others in the area, tell a story that I don't know how to interpret.  
The inside of a prickly pear cactus pad.
A heart.
My first rock cairn.  
If I can find my way back to this place, there's the rock cairn. 
My hiking buddy, Frank.
A heart.
I didn't bring any of my dogs on today's hike, but my day was complete seeing about a dozen burros.
For fun: at the bottom of the map, AZ-74; and at the top of the map, where we hiked.
Our hike: about 4-1/2 miles.
(YTD: 41.1)

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