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04 February 2014

Hiking: Cave Creek Recreation Park, Go John Trail

Go John.  Go Frank.  Go Zane.  Actually, we saw each of those things posted on the sign today - hikers, bicyclists, horseback riders, and dogs on leashes.  
Lead the way Zane.  We decided today that he doesn't walk aimlessly and that he does look at the trail and pick his line carefully.  He is, unfortunately, a cactus magnet.    
Go little cactus magnet, go.
Beautiful day, 60 degrees.
The view from the trail.
We saw two trail runners today, both running uphill.  
My hiking buddy, Frank. 
Handsome Zane.  
The inside of a saguaro.  
Neat rocks.
Zane.  He's a really good hiking dog.  
Where the Maricopa Trail meets the regional park.  
We need rain. 
Ohhh, pretty! 
Horseback riders. 
...is a very
...happy dog!  
We came down the switchback trail. 
"The hike is over?" -Zane
6.1 miles, elevation gain 423'.  A lovely hike.
(YTD: 36.6)

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