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28 January 2014

Little Treasures From My iPhone

Good night Boca.
Good night Boca.
Boca's big paw.
Sleepy Zane in the sunshine.
This is what happens when you get up very early, let the dogs out and go back to bed -- puppy carnage.  The guilty party is there, in the red collar.  
Brown's Mountain Summit with my hiking buddy Mr. Bosseh-Pants.  We hadn't hiked for a long time, so it was good to hike and get caught up on life.
The night we decided to adopt Kane (now Zane), I was so relieved he could stay.
Good night: Boca (on the bed), Zane and Cierra.
Zane and Cierra.
Boca still loves his pink stuffie.
A scorpion in my house, in January.  I guess with the 80 degree weather we've had, he doesn't know it's winter.
Squishy face.
Zane likes the pink stuffie too. 
Zane, Cierra and Boca.
My boys.
After our five mile hike, Zane was exhausted, sleeping with his mouth open :)
Zane, after our hike.

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