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24 January 2014

Dog, Dog, Dog, Dog, Dog, Dog & Cat

No Kitty Bad Kitty with Cierra and Boca.
Trusting cat.  He knows when the pack is acting right and when they're not.
Dog butt and cat butt :)
Boca at the park.
My pack: Zane, Boca and Cierra.
My pack: Zane, Boca and Cierra.
Coto puppy at the park.
We brought Zane home to foster and I couldn't let him go, we adopted him.  He will likely be my primary hiking dog.  Cierra and Boca are good for the shorter hikes under 5 miles.  
My pack: Zane, Boca and Cierra.
Zane meeting Jager for the first time.  
Boca, Zane and Jager.
Zane, Coto, Boca and Jager.
I really like this photo, Boca looks so happy.  
Coto puppy.  Every day he takes ALL the dog toys out to the yard.  And, every day I pick them up.
Coto and Boca.
Coto and Boca.
Jager and Zane, so many good sniffs.
Boca, Coto puppy and Cierra.
Jager's here!  We love Jager! 
Coto puppy. 
Zane, Cierra and Boca.  I'm so proud of my cranky old girl for letting Zane use her as a pillow.

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