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11 December 2013

At The Dog Park

No Kitty Bad Kitty takes a nap in the afternoon sunshine.
Load 'em up.  10 days ago, Boca was inside a kennel barking and biting so ferociously, he nearly tipped the kennel over trying to get to Kobe.  Boca's come a long way in a short time.
The best place to find poorly mannered dogs?  The dog park.  We stayed outside the fence to do some training with distractions.  My Honey with Kobe while Cierra is down (platz, she speaks German).
Boca, Cierra and Kobe.
Boca with an army of small dogs for distraction.
"Good boy Boca!"
Boca and Kobe.
Kobe, Boca and Cierra.  Patiently waiting and watching.
Dog park sunset.
This happens sometimes, PJ found a dog owner who was willing to let him show her some basic training tips to help her GSD puppy to walk nicely.
Mr. Moon.
Patiently waiting while PJ works the black Shepherd puppy.

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Every post is more amazing the the last! Debra