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30 November 2013

Dog Days

Cierra is on my bed, Torro is on Obi's bed and Obi is on Cierra's bed.  It all works out.
Torro and Jager meeting for the first time.  After seeing this picture, I put away my clean dishes, closed the kitchen cabinet door and cleaned off my kitchen table.
All four dogs. 
Torro, Jager, Cierra and Wilson. 
X marks the Shepherds (blurry picture, sorry). 
Obi enjoying the early morning sunshine. 
Torro's "rub my butt" face. 
Obi's "I'm hot let's go inside" face.  I think it was about 73 degrees today, beautiful day. 
Introductions.  Torro, Jager and Cierra.
Torro and Jager.
Torro, Jager and Cierra. 
Torro is going human shopping tomorrow.  I'll miss him if he is adopted but I hope he finds a good home.  He's a good dog and will be a good companion.  PS: this posturing is a no-no, I wasn't paying attention). 

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