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01 September 2013

Random Stuff From 27255

Neighborhood clouds.
Northern AZ.  I see the outline of a peace dove in the clouds.
Nick with a new cat toy.
Nick loving the cat toy.
Cierra, relaxing on her birthday.  Happy Birthday Boo!  She's 10 years old now.  Or, 70 in human years.
Me, with Obi. 
A gift from my friend Katie in the UK.  I love ewe Katie dear! 
A gift from Katie in the UK.
Another gift!  I was SO HAPPY to receive this hand painted ceramic from my cousin Shelley in Colorado.  It's a long time joke that I'm their favorite cousin - I'm their only cousin.
(My cat, Nick, playing with the packaging from the box.)
Obi, Jager and Cierra.  
Jager helping me with my sit-ups.  Thanks Jager.
NKBK in My Honey's office, because being on the top shelf is the best.
Jager.  This dog brings me so much joy. 
A stream of sunlight over my neighbors house.
Jager has a squishy face. 
Back yard clouds.
"I told you it was raining".  Unhappy cats.
NKBK says "drink your water".  
Neighborhood clouds.  It looks like a lovely day but it's hot.  Very, very hot.  
Same cloud from the other side of Westwing Mountain.  New home construction - go away.
My mom's cat, "Little Kitty".
Driving home.  Clouds and rain.

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Kejt said...

Love all them photos ! Not sure which more: clouds or pets !