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18 August 2013

"Sunday Drive" 4x4 Ham Radio Operators, FR 300, Mogollon Rim, Arizona

Partial tracks from today's drive.  There are definitely some places I'd like to revisit to explore and hike.
The beginning of FR 300.
4x4 Ham.  Jeeps, FJ's and one truck (ours).
4x4 Ham.  Jeeps, FJ's and one truck (ours).
Pretty views along the rim road.
One of many stops, time for a cigar.
Cierra's new furry friend. 
You take the low road, we'll take the high road.  
Just off the Arizona Trail is General Springs (Historic) Cabin. 
Twisted tires.
Pretty views along the rim road.
Pretty views along the rim road.
Pretty views along the rim road.
We had a few rain showers today, it was lovely. 
A very small horned lizard (growing up we called them "horny toads").
Cierra's furry friend, very interested in lunch.
My Honey.
I think these are called Broom Groundsel.
Tall flowers with my petite Shepherd. 
My pretty girl.  Her 10th birthday is August 26th. 
As always, love the clouds. 
The littlest 4x4 Ham on today's trip.
Playing with the wildflowers. 

After lunch, enjoying the rain showers.
I think this was along FS 95, I need to verify that.
I'd like to come back here to explore and hike more.
Cierra's favorite stop, the creek! 
Looking up, mountain climbers use this area.
A Pleasing Fungus Beetle (I saw a few of these today, I've never seen them before.)

As a kid, we always called this fuzzy plant "Indian Toilet Paper", I'm pretty sure that's not its real name.
Exploring the creek. 

Moo likes to eat grass. 

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