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03 April 2013

Catching Up

PJ & I at the Telluride Helitrax End of Season party.  Best food I've eaten since we arrived in Telluride.  
A day off, a lovely day.  
Ski guide Bill with his group; and PJ's friend Tarek (orange pants).
PJ's friend, Tarek, ready to go snow boarding.  
Tarek lending a hand with avalanche beacon training.   
Cierra at Trout Lake.
Broken ice and mud, it reminded me of my mom's iced coffee.  
Ice and mud.
The view from my roaming outdoor office.
Say "hello" to my little friend.  These birds just appeared, I think it's a good sign it's Spring.
Distant clouds.
Not so distant clouds, swallowing up the mountains near KTEX.
New snow.
The view from The Peaks Resort.
After a week of no snow, I thought I could wear a dress and heels to the end of season party, but it snowed the night of the party and I wore my plain old blue jeans, just like everyone else.
(Photo credit: Tarek)
(Photo credit: Tarek)
N911FS Pilot PJ Hunt.
(Photo credit: Tarek)
Morning after the new snow, lovely day.
Cierra ready to go with Tarek's snowboard.
Cierra greeting a film crew.
The film crew heading out.  
Feeding the Gray Jay's, they're very friendly.  The locals call them Camp Robbers.
Goodbye Gray Jay.
My little friend, looking for food.
Sunset, a long day working with the film crew who will return early in the morning for a pre-sunrise film shoot.
Driving through Telluride.
Driving to Bridal Veil Falls.
Skiers tracks.  
Views from Telluride.
Views from Telluride.
Big rock, small trees.
Views from Telluride.
The house/power plant on top of Bridal Veil Falls.
Bridal Veil Falls.


Anonymous said...

Gray Jays are true camp robbers, as well as Magpies. They would steal Argos's dog food out of his bowl if he stepped away for a second! Pretty Gray Jays though...loved watching them as I ran TransRockies this past year.

Kate said...

Such a great photos, such a great memories you have...