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09 February 2013

Snow Day

Headed out for the morning potty break.  

"Let's play!  This is what my fur coat is made for!"  She loves the snow.

The view from our condo.

Snow Shepherd.

Afternoon snow.  It snowed very lightly for several hours.

Playing in the snow on the patio table.
(I swept the snow off the balcony so Cierra could sit without getting snow on her tush.)

People watching. 

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Kate said...

I think that the pets which didn't used to snow love to play with it. When I had a winter with snow every year in my family home it was so hard to send the cats out ! They hated snow, and were very, very dissatisfy when had to walk on white powder ha ha ! Now our english cat, who can see the snow very rare, love to play with snow as much as Cierra does !