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25 February 2013

Flying High In The Sky: Avalanche Control

This morning I got to fly with My Honey and help with avalanche control.  
An early start this morning. 
We helped assemble the explosives.  (Angela, Joe and My Honey) 
Some of the explosives used for avalanche control.  We also had about 20 "small" explosives in addition to several large ones.
Every available space was stuffed with explosives. 
Part of the explosives were used nearby a local mining operation, so we picked up "mine guy" (I don't recall his name) and he flew with us.
This would have been prettier had the light been different.
Boom!  A small man made avalanche.
Pretty Colorado.
Stopping by the fuel ball for fuel.
The fuel ball.
Angela helps fuel the helicopter.  
After avalanche control, flying over Telluride's ski slopes.
A picture from My Honey.  Me with the 3 x 8's.  
A picture from My Honey.  Me preparing a fuse.
A picture of me from Angela, thanks Angela!  
Another picture of me from Angela.  See, I really do work.  

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