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31 January 2013

More Cute Pictures Of My Pets? Yes, I Have Those.

Cierra sleeps with her kitty.

Jager and Nick playing.  I can gauge the stability of the pack energy by how the cats interact with the dogs.  If the pack doesn't act right, the cats leave.  Life is good when the cats stay and play.


Play, play, play.

No Kitty Bad Kitty finds camouflage to sleep in.

Nick (bendy ear) sleeps.

Each morning No Kitty Bad Kitty sits here and watches the sun rise. 

Nick finding a place to be in my lap.

Bitey and scratchy attacks the dog toy.

Grooming his friend.  This would explain the hairballs.  

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Kasia said...

Can watch that kind of photos of ages, they are all so sweeeeeeeeeet !