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31 December 2012

Six Dogs

[Click on any photo to see a larger version]

Jager meeting Lily.  You sniff me and I'll sniff you.

Cierra steering clear of the introductions.

Cierra and Jager.

Dudley getting closer to sniff Jager.

Lily (white GSD), Dudley (Boston Terrier), Cierra (Sable German Shepherd), and Jager (Black & Tan German Shepherd).

Jager and Lily.

Jager and Dudley.

Jager, Lily and Dudley.

Cierra and Bodie.

Lily and Jager.

Three Shepherds. 

Jager relaxing inside after playtime.

Lily sleeping after playtime.

I haven't named him yet, I was thinking "Nick" but some meanypants says that's not a good name for a cat.


Jeanne said...

This is really cool~ watching my dogs learn to behave like well mannered dogs. What a new and BETTER behavior!!

Kasia said...

Lily looks like our close neighbour dog - Caspar.
It tooks me few months before I suddenly realized that he is a german shepard :-)))