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13 October 2012

Hiking: Morgan City Wash, Lake Pleasant

Cierra and I hiked in Morgan City Wash.

This has long been one of our favorite places to go. It's quiet, I rarely see another soul there, there is water along most of the hike for Cierra and there are endless birds, dragonflies, butterflies and other wild animals.

There was a time when the park Ranger could do a little maintenance work on the existing trail, and allow Boy Scouts to help maintain the trails. They did a great job of keeping the trail passable while leaving the natural fun - such as climbing over or ducking under natures obstacles along the trail.

The powers that be have put a stop to this, and it's truly a shame. The wooden steps and decks the Boy Scouts put in are gone and the trail is completely overgrown.

On our return hike, Cierra and I did battle with cholla.  I had to carry her for a while until I had a clear space where we could sit and remove the cholla balls and stickers.  At times like that, I am glad she is a petite 50 pounds.  We have enough experience with cactus stickers that she trusts I'll handle it and she doesn't panic.

Flowers and butterflies.

The leaves are still green, Fall has not arrived here yet.

Cierra and I.

This was where I decided I could go no further.  Two of the deepest pools of water are just beyond this tangle of trees and bushes.  I did cross paths with another hiker (or, birder), he came from the opposite direction, so I know with enough motivation, this IS passable.

My little trail blazer. 

Over or under, she's just the right height to do either.

I'm not sure what these are called, sometimes they are white.

One of many water crossings. 

Little miss muddy paws.

A tight squeeze to pass through.  

Under the tree.

Views along the trail.

Cierra is nibbling grass while I have my snack.



Another tight squeeze. 

Cierra found a tin can partially buried in the brush and it startled her, silly girl.

Under the big trees. 

Navigating my way when there doesn't seem to be a way.

Water for the pup to cool off in.

Entering the riparian area. 


As we hiked through the wash, Cierra would gravitate toward the shade.

"What?  We're not going this way?  My bad."

Morgan City Wash.

The end of the hike uphill trek to the truck.

Lovely day for a hike. 
I saw this children's book at the visitors center at Lake Pleasant.  The illustrations were cute. 

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