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27 October 2012

Chasing Food Trucks

The Phoenix Street Food Coalition has food trucks scattered about The Valley 7-days a week. Some of the trucks were going to be in a neighborhood near mine, so we did the neighborhood tour and found some of the trucks.

I think I'll take my mommy downtown Friday for Food Truck Friday at Phoenix Public Market.  I think with the variety of trucks that will be there, everyone can find something they like.

And, as always, I have the usual cat/dog/bird photos from home.
[Click any photo to see a larger version]
Strawberry cupcake from Sweet Jonez Cupcakes.

The Sweet Jonez Cupcakes truck.


The Pizza People's truck.  

Yuki is determined to clean Cierra's ears.  

Cierra & Yuki.

Yuki, bird watching.

Yuki has figured out that it's ok to use the tree as a scratching post. 
The momma blackbird was squawking at the cat who was keeping her from her daily bread crumbs. 



Cierra using her cat as a paw prop.

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