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30 September 2012

The Cat Harness

We've lost two young cats to coyotes in our neighborhood.  Neko was only 5-months old and Suki was 12-months old.  I had hope that Suki was experienced enough to explore beyond the security of our back yard and return safely, but I think the trouble with being both predator and prey is the risk that you might not come home, and she didn't.

Now we have Yuki, and he loves to be outside.  I can't blame him.  I love to be outside too.  He's 7-months old and the first time I saw him sitting on the fence I thought "ohhh, no...".  I often stay outside with him, but lately it's become a game to play keep away from mom when it's time to come inside.

So, it's come to the harness.  When I looked at various harnesses, this one made the most sense to me.  I ordered it on line, and I ended up with two of them, one size small and one size medium, for when he grows. 
The leash attaches at the top, and the velcro closes at the top of his body.

It's soft. Unlike his collar, it won't slip off.

It only took him about 10 minutes to adapt to wearing the harness and he's fine with it.  He doesn't have to wear it all of the time.

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