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10 August 2012

Kremmling to Keystone, CO

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Good morning Kremmling. The view from our hotel parking lot.

Colorado sunrise.

Colorado sunrise.

Sunrise at the airport.

Inside 20V, McElroy Airfield, in Kremmling. The largest compilation of sectionals I have ever seen.

At Keystone, CO. Waiting at the helipad at the medical center. The med center is closed for summer.

Views at Keystone.

There's my helicopter.

Keystone Security paid us a visit.

One of three fuel stops. It's always best to get out and stretch.

Med center skeleton.

All is quiet at the top of the mountain.

My pretty girl.

Cierra naps while I read. I'm currently reading "Gone With The Wind".

One of my favorite sounds: aspen tree leaves whispering in the breeze.

I know that I am happiest living close to mountains. I love seeing Colorado's rivers, tall trees and I know I would appreciate four seasons. I have to add aspen tree's to my "must live near" list.

Colorado wildflowers:

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