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25 June 2012

Mimbres, NM

I'm working with the BLM, Forest Service, and others near Mimbres, New Mexico. I'm providing helicopter fuel and support for (pilot) Dave. Each day is long, hot, dusty, but good.

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Sunset on the way to Silver City, NM.

A fuel stop with my little woof.

New Mexico scenery.

"Freckle Face" was a nice, quiet bull.

Tall trees along NM-35.

My truck.

There are multiple hot shot crews here, from Arizona and New Mexico.

Cierra accidentally rolled down her own window. She is perfectly comfortable sitting (or laying) on the floor behind the passenger seat.

The helibase is on BLM property where horses and burros live.

My mechanic, Lee.

The water truck driver is from Arizona.

My truck. I only parked here once, then moved to a shady space under a big tree.

Some of the hot shot crews. These men and women work very hard.

My pilot, Dave, and the hot shot crews.

Each man/woman carries a very heavy pack and necessary tools for fire fighting. If you see men or women in yellow and green, stop and thank them, they are the real heroes.

There is an Astar on site, (pilot) Jack is from California.

Arizona and/or New Mexico hot shot crews.

Cierra, relaxing on site.

Trucks, trucks and more trucks.

Pilots Jack and Dave with the helicopter manager, "Taz".

The Astar mechanic/fuel truck driver, Mitch.

My mechanic, Lee.

Jack flying the Astar.

Hot shot crews, getting ready to go. Each day we fly people, gear, food, trash, etc to and from various locations where they are fire fighting.

The helibase, Astar and its fuel truck.

NM scenery and sunshine.

Hot shot crews, ready to go.

I think this is the helicopter manager, "Taz", he makes sure each load is safe and loaded correctly.

The Astar pilot, Jack.

Sleepy Cierra. She's very happy to be here, and is behaving wonderfully. The heat wears her out each day.

I think this tall flower is a weed, a thistle type thing, I'm not sure. It's pretty though.

Sikorsky helicopter.

Looking up at the Sikorsky.

Picking up the helicopter at Grant County Airport each morning.

The Sikorsky crew.

This is a big, big helicopter.

Cierra is sitting next to the Sikorsky for scale.

BLM horses/burros.

BLM horses/ burros.

Each is branded.

NM scenery.

Sunset in Deming, NM.

Each night I lay out my stuff so that I can get ready quickly in the morning. When I stumbled out of bed in the morning, this made me laugh out loud.

I think this is a century plant?

Pretty blooms.

BLM horses/burros.

Dave in N9AT long lining.

My pilot, Dave.

(Y'all know that when I say "my pilot" I mean, Aero Tech's pilot. MY pilot is PJ, who was in Alaska when this wildfire contract started).

We are located close to Mimbres, along NM-35.

Each evening we ride to the hotel in the company truck. Cierra's favorite place to sit is on the floor behind the passenger seat, even when she has to squeeze to get in there.

Half of the area map where we are located.

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