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09 May 2012

Random From 27255 And Beyond

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Our kitten, Yuki.


My Aunt Susie and Uncle Bob, I love them so.

My Aunt and Uncle have had a forever passion for good Mexican food. I took them to Abuelos to see how it compared for them.

Yuki helping me sort the container of dog leashes. My Honey had the leather leashes custom made several years ago.

Mister Moon, May 5th.

Mister Moon, May 8th.

Yuki keeping an eye on me.

A nesting momma Dove at my mom's house. This is her second batch of babies.

And, that, is a face only a mother could love.

One of my mom's cats. He loves his fabric box.

I think Yuki is saying "ew, this nylabone taste like dog spit".

Orchid flowers at my mom's house:

A stormy at my mommy's house.

Cactus flowers.

Native American Indian pottery. I found this on my mom's horse property today. I think it's interesting how the earth seemingly burps these artifacts up for us to discover. In the 25+ years my mom has lived there, she has collected many pottery pieces and tools.

Looking West, not as cloudy towards my house.

Headed home. Bring it thunderstorms, we need the rain.

Headed home. A youth unicycle club?

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