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06 April 2012

Cancel The Cable TV Honey, I Have All The Entertainment I Need

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Suki is keeping an eye on the little No Name kitten from up high.

These two are slow to get along. But they will.

When he can't find me, he waits here.

Suki, still keeping an eye on the little intruder.

Cierra has to wait for the kitten to come to her. It's been less than a week, they're doing pretty good. That ugly old towel is there so that No Name kitten can claw his way up to the directors chair. He understood the concept the moment I pinned the towel to the chair he likes to sit in.

He is all boy, crusty and dirty.

I think his eyes will be green.


He sleeps on the speaker behind my computer when he can't find me. From here he can see the kitchen, living room, and outside to the back yard.

Ah, success. No Name kitten decided Cierra is ok.

Napping with his dog.

Creature comfort while I watched a movie.

This cat toy came from their Aunty Sulu.

Suki, sitting pretty on Cierra's frisbee.

Suki and No Name kitten, not quite friends yet.

No, not friends yet.

A moment of calm. Unless he's asleep, this is rare.


Suki. She will be 1 year old Apr 15th.

Little tyrant.

The dog toys make great kitten toys.

Suki and Cierra, enjoying the afternoon.

Lastly, Mr. Moon:

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