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20 March 2012

Random Stuff From 27255

I try to avoid fast food most of the time. Even when we travel with work, I pack a lot of my own healthy snack foods. I recently ate my first, and last, fish sandwich from Burger King. If you click on the link, my sandwich did not look anything like the photo. Mine smelled funny, had dark wilted lettuce, and I should have known better. I spent an afternoon and night sick with mild food poisoning, and I will never, ever, eat another fish sandwich from BK. Amen.

Moving on. It's been, what, five minutes since I last posted about my dog? Here are a dozen or so photos of my favorite girl:
[Click any photo to see a larger version]

I gave my kitten, Suki, an excessively crinkly spinach bag. Not to be excluded, Cierra laid on it while chewing on her nylabone.

My kitten, Suki. About mid-April she will turn one year old. I suppose after that I'll have to start calling her a "cat" and let her graduate from kitten phase.

Neighborhood rainbow.

Pictures of My Honey and his ride in Valdez, Alaska:

This is PJ's third year flying for H20 Guides. It's his first year flying N350ET for South Coast Helicopters.

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