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25 March 2012

March 25, 2012: Paying Tribute

I hold my friends who ride close to my heart. It's difficult to find the words to talk about March 25th.
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My mom made a bouquet of flowers to take to the accident/memorial site. I'm so proud of my mom and how she supports my friends who ride.

My mom with our friend Mike.

My mom with our friend Bill.

Ernie with his wife, Lorri. Ernie was one of the six injured in the accident.

Each day, I remember the fallen four: Clyde, Dan, Dayle, and Stephen.

Our friend Arlene at the accident/memorial site.

Today holds a mixture of emotions: so much sorrow yet long hugs from friends who ride.

The accident/memorial site.

The accident/memorial site.

A plaque from those who work at the neighboring Walgreens.

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In Memory, Mar 25, 2012 from Hundewanderer on Vimeo.

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