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28 February 2012

Chasing Helicopters: Arizona to New Mexico

My Honey, Cierra (woof!) and I drove to Clovis, New Mexico to visit Aero Tech Inc. We'll start working with Aero Tech in April (so exciting!). We also stopped in Abq to visit with PJ's mom and sister (hi Mom and hi Donna).
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Near Flagstaff, Arizona.

Cool clouds in New Mexico.

The view along I-40 East in New Mexico.

Cool clouds traveling East to Clovis, New Mexico.

Ooops, traveling East towards Clovis.

New Mexico's finest.

Near Abq, six military helicopters.

"Tank" at Aero Tech.

Ted and PJ at Aero Tech, "lets go see the 407".

PJ's new ride.

My first ride in the 407.

The 500, the sexy helicopter.

Inside the 407.

Cameron at Aero Tech.

PJ saying the seat belt is twisted.

Views from the air, pac man is going to eat the farm.

Aero Tech.

Sitting in the 407.

Cierra with a musk ox. In the background, a shy dog named "Red" is peeking around the corner.

PJ with the turbo beaver, this float plane will go to the lodge in Seldovia, Alaska.

Ted flying the 407.

Sunset in New Mexico.

My Honey with his new Aero Tech hat.

Inside Aero Tech. There is another hanger with 802 air tractors (airplanes for crop dusting), I failed to take any photos inside the other hanger.

Puppy love.

PJ and his mom. We played a card game called Confusion (it's a variation of Rummy).

PJ's mom, I love the look on her face as she gazes at PJ.

Mom and son.

PJ with his sister, Donna, and their mom.

Cierra being a polite house guest.

Along I-40 West, a little bit of snow in New Mexico.

My new pink helicopter hat from Aero Tech.

Love my kitty, Suki.

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